About Me

Calm + Peace + Balance = Comfort = Zen + Joan = ZenJoanie Hi I’m Joanie (Joan Koeppel).  One day my nephew Ryan told me about the Art of Zentangle and I became very interested in it. Soon after I went and took an all day class on how to draw Tangle Art. I quickly caught on and now I love to draw these various designs that come popping out of my head. My parents passed away within 5 weeks of each other and I was devastated. I did a drawing every day for over a year and it became helpful therapy for me.

When friends of ours came over and fell in love with my drawings, they convinced my husband Paul to share my Tangle Art with others. He did some research and decided to put some select drawings on various products using proven partners. He’s now created all this Zentangle Stuff you find on ZenJoanie.com.

Please Enjoy!