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Hi I’m Joanie (Joan Koeppel). I’ve been doing Paper Crafting most of my life and have shared many of my Tips, Ideas & Techniques on my Blog ~ Joans Craft World.

One day my nephew Ryan told me about the Art of Zentangle (or ZenDoodle whichever you may like) and I became very interested in it. Soon after I went and took an all day class on how to draw in this fashion.  I quickly caught on and now I love to draw these various designs that come popping out of my head.

Please Enjoy!

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Got this book as a Gift and I absolutely love it – Fran DeSteno

When I first saw this I knew it would make a great calendar, but I found out that it is so much fun to color – Lin Valent

So happy I bought this book when I found it. I keep it on my Coffee Table and can’t wait to turn the page every three days to see what comes next – Kenneth Corris