“Art You Can Wear and Drink” ~ Specially Designed for People that like to BUY UNIQUE ~ I’m excited to share my Artistic Creations with you, so Welcome to my site where you’ll find a nice variety of items such as Fashion JewelryClothingDrink-WareHome Decor  and more…

Calm + Peace + Balance = Comfort = Zen + Joan = ZenJoanie

(Tangle Art-ZenTangle-ZenDoodle-Doodle Art-Whatever you prefer)

We developed partnerships with some fantastic manufacturing companies. All produce High Quality products with my one-of-a-kind hand drawn Tangle Art on them; plus they’re Made in the USA.
When you click on the Description part of my images below, you’ll be sent to my store on their respective websites where you can take advantage of promotions and Shop Safely. You can also find my Zentangle Stuff on Amazon, eBay & Etsy if you prefer to shop there.
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Look My ZenJoanie T Shirt Made it to the Beach!

Zen: To be extremely relaxed and collective. An approach to an activity, skill, or subject that emphasizes simplicity and intuition rather then conventional thinking or fixation on goals.